Amazon to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion

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Hetu said Amazon could make pertinent offers to attract shoppers of one but not the other, or get shoppers of both to buy more.

The Journal said buying Whole Foods allows Amazon to quickly grab a bigger portion of the estimated $674 billion USA market for edible groceries, according to consulting firm Kantar Retail.

"I love the prepared foods and the produce", Hiddeman said.

But she is giving Amazon the benefit of the doubt.

Offering the most convenient shopping experience possible continues to drive the competition.

Apparently longtime CEO John Mackey will stay the CEO and the headquarters will stay in Austin. If they put the item back it takes it off their account.

Whole Foods customers who are Amazon Prime members, meanwhile, could get discounts on certain products. "That's something that doesn't seem to right to me, actually". But when buying food, she said she is "really picky" and would never shop online for items such as vitamins and meat.

"However they're going to use Whole Foods in their portfolio, you're going to see it here in Dallas", Cox said.

But Stone expects that Amazon might find a way to integrate some of the systems found at the GO store.

The deal is the latest big move for Amazon and its charismatic chief executive Jeff Bezos, who grew Amazon from a small online bookseller in the 1990s into a global retail behemoth that delivers a wide range of goods and creates award-winning entertainment broadcasts. In the United Kingdom specifically, Amazon and Morrisons signed a deal previous year.

Following Amazon's move to plant a bigger stake in the food-selling business, shares of Walmart tumbled 4.6%, making it the biggest loser in the blue-chip Dow Jones industrial average. I think ultimately, this is good for consumers. "People don't know what they're having for dinner when they leave the office at the end of the day and don't have it in the refrigerator".

Whole Foods sent a letter to customers after the merger announcement, calling the agreement a new chapter in Whole Foods' history and an incredible opportunity. Whole Foods itself had launched an offshoot chain named after its "365" private label brand in a nod to the popularity of no-frills chains.

Shoppers have plenty of options.

Amazon already has made inroads into the supermarket business with its AmazonFresh grocery delivery service and a prototype checkout-free Amazon Go brick-and-mortar store, so far only open to employees.

As Recode smartly pointed out, the deal won't just give Amazon control of a major grocery chain, it will also give the ecommerce giant access to "more than 400 stores to use as delivery hubs". This will help Whole Foods have an online delivery presence.

"People tend to do what's easy and clicking on something on Amazon is so easy", Funari said.

"It would absolutely have to come down until it's included in a Prime membership", Anderson said. It also charges customers delivery fees.