Whirring, Purring Fidget Spinners Provide Entertainment, Not ADHD Help

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Sigmund Freud also weighed in with his interpretation, which not surprisingly had sexual overtones.

But anecdotal evidence from an individual child isn't the same as the scientific evidence required to support marketing claims like "Perfect for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and Autism", as one fidget-spinner ad does. Her work revealed that students with ADHD performed better on a computerized attention test the more intensely they fidgeted. Thus "fidget toys" were born.

David said: "They are small toys, primarily designed for autistic children, however they have become extremely popular among children and adults".

Fidget spinners! They're these little toys you can hold between your fingers and spin.

Another student of Berlin's was quick to point out that the toy becomes a distraction when students use it at inappropriate times in the classroom.

While various fidget thingamajigs have been around for a while, and have been a feature of the occupational therapist's toolbox, one has all of a sudden inexplicably exploded onto the marketplace. The fidget spinner appears to be doing more than just occupying time. Students even trade the spinners and the bearings around like baseball cards.

Christine Ouimet, 33, of Attleboro and mother of three, recently uploaded a video on Facebook of her son showing off some of his talented fidget spinning tricks. They carried a small experiment to see how much the people around the office would be distracted at the sight of the small device.

Charley McKenna, a seventh-grader at Coelho Middle School in Attleboro, said she's relieved that her school made a decision to ban the spinners in class unless it is used for a specific goal, like managing ADHD.

"We definitely have executives coming in and purchasing [fidget toys]", O'Hara says "They are bored on conference calls, they're stressed out in the vehicle in traffic". The fidget spinner essentially provides an outlet for this negative energy and helps sufferers remain calm and collected.

Fidget spinners are available in stores and online.

Julie Schweitzer has seen a lot of mundane objects be used as tools to quell fidgety fingers in her 25 years of research into attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

A straw poll by KentOnline of schools across Kent found four head teachers had banned the toys from lessons. And they are seductive.

"He had been pestering me to get one for him since a month ago after seeing that most of his friends had it".

Educators say the spinners are the latest in a long line of classroom distractions. I don't think they let children just be children.