Monster mash: LeBron James undaunted by beastly Warriors

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Steve Kerr may appreciate the respect given to his Golden State Warriors, but he doesn't agree with the logic behind his team being favored over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. It's tough for me to say that is the case. I think the team is like 108-2.

AJ Neuharth-Keusch: If past year taught us anything, it's that betting against LeBron James is never a good idea, regardless of who's standing in the way.

They not only clinched the West, but they won a record-setting 73 games. That was when Brown returned to the Cavs for a second tenure as head coach.James recently said Irving "was born to play 1-on-1 ..."

The finals champion is the first of two competing teams to win the best of seven games.

Playing with incredible dexterity, consistency, cohesion, underdog spirit but top-dog skillfulness, the Warriors became a favourite team to watch - supporter or not - and it was not hard to see why they became the team to hop onto for bandwagon supporters. He has to win Finals MVP and prove that he is the best player in the series.

It took awhile for everything to jell, but Golden State will enter the series opener having won 27 of its last 28 games. Last year, the Cavs were also +180 underdogs when they dug out of a 3-1 hole to upset the Warriors in seven games. In the semi-final round, the Boston Celtics managed a victory when LeBron James delivered a sub-par game.

One look at the endless depth of talent on the Cleveland Cavaliers' roster would make it seem blasphemous to even consider them underdogs.

In the five-game Eastern Conference Finals win over Boston, James passed Jordan as the NBA's all-time leading playoff scorer with 5,995 points, albeit in more than 30 additional games. Stephen Curry is also set to hit free agency this summer, though reports say he doesn't want to leave. Durant was simply incredible in the Western Conference finals against the Spurs, as he put up 28 points per game on just 16 shots and shot a ridiculous 60 percent from the field. This was largely in part by LeBron James' performances throughout the playoffs.

For starters, they have the "f-king playmaker" LeBron James demanded at point guard in Deron Williams. "There are a lot of guys that can dribble drive and finish at the rim, but that's all they can do."Here's a guy (making a) 3 off the catch-and-shoot".

"A great player, a transcendent player can accelerate your process", said Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, who was the general manager of the New York Knicks from 2003-08.

James recently said Irving "was born to play 1-on-1". "It's like, we're in the NBA Finals". That's enough motivation alone. LeBron was labeled as a superstar player who came up short in the big moments after that.

1993 - The Chicago Bulls are the first team to win a "three-peat", or three consecutive championships, since the Celtics in the 1960s.