'Maybe I'll Release' Tax Returns After Leaving White House

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President Trump "might" release his taxes - but only after he's left office, he said in a new interview. If you do need Democratic support for your tax plan, your ideal tax plan, and the price of that the Democrats say is for you to release your tax returns, would you do that? That's a very interesting question ... at some point I'll release them.

Trump said he is "very proud" of his tax returns because he "did a good job".

While Trump has dodged personally releasing his tax returns as every president since Richard Nixon has done, portions of previous returns have been leaked publicly - although it's unclear who is responsible.

For the record, the president's original excuse never held water: Being under audit doesn't prevent him from releasing his tax returns, now, or ever.

The "tease" from President Donald Trump has been going on for years, as he once stated that he would probably release his tax returns when President Barack Obama released his birth certificate. But it would seem that Trump didn't bother to backpedal his answer in this latest interview because as he's ascended from candidate to president, he's shifted his reasons for keeping his tax documents under wraps.

The interview reveals a president who is deeply concerned with strengthening the American economy through trade reform, regulatory rollback, and tax cuts. "I'm not playing...you know, I wasn't playing chess or poker or anything else", Trump said.

A Pew survey in January found 60 percent of Americans thought he should release his tax returns. "It seems that the Democrats are more interested in investigating Trump and Russian Federation than they are in working for the American people", read Kristin Tate's recent op-ed in The Hill.

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When preparing for a run at the White House, Trump continued to state that he was about to release his tax returns. Far be it from anyone to imagine that caring about these issues is not mutually exclusive.