Liberal Democrats promise new Brexit vote if elected

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Asked what he thought of the descriptions of Mrs May as a "red Tory", Mr Corbyn said: "It's a very unusual description for a Prime Minister who leads a government where six million people earn less than the living wage, where thousands are sleeping on the streets every night, where social care is not available, where our hospitals are under threat".

He said: "They [the Lib Dems] clearly recognise the severity of the housing crisis and the need to help young people without high incomes, and the homeless".

Labour wants a steep increase in corporation tax and higher taxes for those earning more than 80,000 pounds ($104,000).

But we lost - and I accept that.

But it said it will not scrap university tuition fees, insisting the NHS is a bigger spending priority. Promising three times the number of homes by the end of the next Parliament, the Lib Dems have set themselves a tall order, and by assuring the future of green homes, the party has taken a more strident environmental standpoint.

Gibraltar's inclusion in the Labour manifesto was welcomed yesterday by Gibraltar's political parties.

Other flagship policies included a second referendum on a Brexit deal and giving tenants the ability to use rent payments to buy their own homes.

And they would also ensure ensure no schools lose money as a result of a new funding formula.

Future Lib Dem measures to encourage public uptake of low-emission cars could include reversing or amending the latest tax changes, or widening the scope of the existing electric vehicle grant, which now stands at a maximum of £4500.

McCluskey said his own support for Corbyn was rock solid and he praised Labour's election manifesto, which was launched on Tuesday and promises renationalisation of some services and measures to curb corporate excess.

Surveys put support for the Liberal Democrats on about 10 per cent, some way behind May's Conservative Party which polls indicate is attracting support from more than 45 per cent of Britons with Labour on about 30 per cent.

Lib Dems always face questions about whether they will actually be in a position to carry out their plans, but in previous elections they have sometimes highlighted the possibility of a hung Parliament in which they would hold the balance of power and could become part of a coalition government. Elsewhere, the resurgent Conservatives pose a threat to Liberal Democrat seats, including that of party leader Tim Farron.

"That's a pretty extraordinary thing to do as a country".

'The Liberal Democrats want you to have a choice over your future.

Mr Clegg said his successor had performed well, saying: "I think he is emerging in this election campaign as by far the most authentic and human of all the leaders".

Britain's Liberal Democrats party published its manifesto on Wednesday, including a commitment to work towards outlawing caste discrimination and re-introducing a post-study work visa for graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.