Happy Mother's Day: 10 facts

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Have you bought your mom a gift yet? That is what Mother's Day is all about.

"It's a 24-hour job", explained Christy Savage of Vestavia Hills. If they are happy so am I. The past two years it's been Chuck E. Cheese. "I have three lovely children and they are each a blessing".

After the death of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis in 1905, Anna Maria Jarvis vowed to fulfill her mother's dream. She is anxious of where you are and when will you be back. "Y'all be quiet!" "I feel so fortunate to have my children".

But more than anything, she taught me to be kind and loving, to respect my elders, to pray and worship God, to reach out to those who had less than we did, to be a good friend. She doesn't need to ask me to be great, I just know it's my responsibility to not let her down. Perhaps to the Bahamas! Someone once told me that "it never goes away, it never gets easier, it only gets softer". Mama, Mama you know I love you. Be it walking, eating, doing homework, we needed her to be by our side. On 9 May 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day a national holiday which was to be held on the second Sunday of May. She's now coaching, an assistant coach. Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans is a mom, and she's one who fits few of television's comfortable ideas about selfless moms to whom prioritizing kids' feelings and bandaging cuts come naturally.

Shannon Shelley-Tremblay said she wants time together and a fun meal with her family, but she wants something else from the world.

Admit it, we seldom appreciate her efforts and deeds. There is no relation in this entire world that can be at par with the one we share with our mothers. We are delighted with the response and more importantly overjoyed to have been able to make a difference to their lives.

I often envy women the intense relationship that is being a mother. The first thing we say is "Mom".

On Mother's Day, we try our best to pamper our mothers and give them a break from their usual duties.

"I always get her homemade cards", said Savage's son, Jeb. The highlight of the celebration was the joy on the faces of the children when Mother's Recipe distributed gifts to each child and when the mothers fed all the children some delicious cake. Being that I was 6, I imagine that I either meant that it grows with love or that it groans to be with mom.