Stephen Belafonte wants to see kids

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The 41-year-old singer - full name Melanie Brown - was granted a temporary restraining order earlier this month after claims that Stephen Belafonte had subjected her to years of physical and emotional abuse.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are currently involved in a nasty divorce battle and now, the former hubby has claimed that Mel B was aware her second husband had a gun in the house, something he was not allowed to have due to a previous court interdiction.

The 41-year-old film producer has requested the ex-Spice Girl give him money to cover his "living expenses", but Mel B - who filed for divorce in March - declined Belafonte's plea and has instead accused him of stealing £800,000 from her.

Brown also shared that when she fired Gilles in 2015 that an angry Belafonte threatened to release sex tapes featuring the trio unless she was rehired with a raise, E!

The website adds that Lorraine has accompanied her lawsuit with various pictures and other exhibits which she believes will convince a jury that Mel is lying. Belafonte is said to be broke following his split from the former the Spice girl, reported Ace Showbiz.

Gilles is now suing for defamation, alleging that she had a seven-year relationship with Mel B and that she only had sex with Stephen when she had group sex with the couple.

In her lawsuit, Lorraine alleges that she engaged in a sexual and working relationship with Mel B after she moved to Los Angeles as an 18-year-old German exchange student almost seven years ago. "Indeed, at no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without Brown's knowledge or participation".

Miss Gilles, who was sacked in September 2016, admits having "consensual group sex" with the couple within days of their meeting.

These details "portray Gilles as a homewrecker, prostitute, and extortionist, maliciously describing Gilles as being impudent, unscrupulous, and exploitative", the 17-page complaint says.

Susan Wiesner, also representing Brown, said Belafonte had tried to kill the singer after she swallowed an entire bottle of painkillers in 2014.

Lorraine is suing the America's Got Talent judge for defamation, libel, invasion of privacy, and infliction of personal distress, according to documents obtained by E!