Google Maps Now Remembers Where You Parked Your Car

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Tapping on the label will reveal will pop up other things as well like user's parking card, where they can add additional details about their parking spot.

The experience isn't much different for Android users.

The company already has an automatic parking location detection built into its Android operating system, but this latest feature adds manual controls for improved reliability and accuracy. Once you're at your destination, tap on the blue dot and hit "Set as parking location".

If the device is connected to the vehicle using USB audio or Bluetooth, then the parking spot was marked as soon as these were disconnected. Users can add the amount of time left before the meter expires, and set a reminder alert 15 minutes before it does.

To use the new tracker, simply open up the app and tap the blue dot that marks where you are in the world. You can also send your parking location to friends.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember exactly where you parked, especially if you're parking in a large city and have to park several blocks away from your actual destination. In case there are no available spots, you will be able to search for a parking place nearby your destination.

Swipe up on the newly added "Parking location" tab. And if you have Google Maps open anyway, surely most people wouldn't mind receiving a prompt to save their parking location when they arrive at their destination and stop their vehicle? You still have to do not forget to open up your Google app and manually set a pin.

For iOS users, they can follow similar steps to enable the feature on their iPhone.